Perjured Process Reversal (PPR)

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Victims of bank corruption suffer emotional trauma on top of financial ruin

  1. Heritage Plc was closed to conceal a section 47 offence. Debate in the House of Commons

  2. The Department of Trade and Industry decided it was not in the “public interest” to prosecute.

  3. To conceal this Lloyds Bank entered an allegedly perjured affidavit into the Court of Appeal.

  4. As a result of that Court of Appeal decision secured lenders can now go straight to Guarantors (frequently the borrower's owner) rather than collect from the borrower, because it is easier to collect from one source.

  5. As a result, hundreds of thousands of SMEs (small and medium size enterprises) owners have been put through hell and have been evicted from their family homes.

  6. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) investigated, know this to be true and themselves have concealed this from the Courts.

  7. They are currently using questionable tactics/law to conceal an alleged perjury.

  8. In January 2019, Jeff Lampert will be in the Upper Tribunal with the Information Commissioner`s Office (ICO) to establish whether or not the FCA is a business so the ICO can show Jeff what is being concealed.

  9. Whether hundreds of thousand of companies have been closed, and their owners wrongly evicted from their homes with all the pain that causes now appears to be in the hands of a single LiP (Jeff).

  10. Is this the way the Law operates in the UK?

  11. It is demeaning to the Law as well as being ridiculous!

  12. Jane Farmer suffered from Lampert v Lloyds. She is a victim of this perjured process.


Statement from Jane Farmer

Professor Nigel Harper FCIBS, Chartered Banker, MBA Banking, FCIB, ACIB, CeMap

Kay Linnell MBA, FCA, FEWI, forensic accountant

Anthony Stansfeld, Police Commissioner at Thames Valley Police

A quotation from Kay Linnell MBA, FCA, FEWI a Forensic Accountant to Jeff Lampert:

“…To answer your question turning around your own Heritage and Personal Guarantee position would initially right your own position but then each “victim” would have to fund and bring their own restitution claim and possibly apply for permission to do so out of time in the Civil Courts unless the Government put pressure on the Banks to set up a remediation scheme… 

 The first thing is for you to win your own case as you say. “


It is our intention to ask the Government to set up such a remediation scheme based on the computer process we are now developing. diyLAW is working on a computer process of reviewing these hundreds of thousands of potential claims. The project was inspired by eBay`s and Amazon`s dispute resolution process and is called Project Heritage. Learn more about the project.

diyLAW believes that any legal issues the existing computer process cannot resolve should be referred to a Tribunal consisting of a judge and two experts. Their decision should be fed back into the computer process to establish a precedent.

Who we are

diyLAW, not-for-profit community interest company, has prepared a paper for every Forum: leaflet 2013, leaflet 2014, leaflet 2015, leaflet 2016, leaflet 2017.

diyLAW continues to work with Brent Community Law Centre.

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