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Generic Information/Service

John Sizer, Public Access Clerk – contact Direct Access Barristers

Paul Sachs, Netmaster Solutions Ltd. – Prepare your bundle electronically

1. Talking it through

2. Asking a 3rd party

3. Going for Mediation

Russell Evans, Mediator

Steve Hancox, Civil and Commercial Mediator

4. Pre-action protocols

5. Issuing proceeding

Ursula Mian, Trainee Solicitor at Knocker & Foskett

6. Defending your position

Giedre Jakubonyte, Corporate Commercial Solicitor at AWB Partnership

7. Adjudication or arbitration

Masood Ahmed, Lecturer in law at University of Leicester

8. A lower court hearing/trial

David Rosen, Solicitor at Darlingtons

9. Enforcement of court orders

DLA Piper, Global Law Firm

10. Appealing a judge’s decision

11. Using the appeal/higher courts

12. Going to the Supreme Court

13. Taking your case to the EU