Behaviours of RBS GRG and Lloyds Banking Group

Judge Beddoes ratio decidendi in the Turner case with Lloyds Banking Group encapsulates the issue facing victims of both banks’.

The banks’ have no idea how their persistent denials, obfuscation and blatant lying to the Courts impacts on the victims, taxpayers, employees and wider community lives.

Lloyds Bank also need to put a few billion or so aside to compensate their customers that fell victim to BSU, which the board deny any wrongdoing. They are complicit in one of the biggest denials in banking history. RBS are no different.


Judge Beddoe hit the nail on the head when passing sentence.  The FCA and bank board did nothing to help victims Paul and Nikki Turner.

They (LBG) have the audacity to appoint a friendly Judge to oversee claims. Talk about club membership. This cabal has to be broken and the Judiciary allowed to act in accordance with Banking Practice and Law.

Bankers have to be qualified and licenced, as are most other workers in the land. Never again should the unqualified, unprofessional, unethical, immoral, Buccaneers and traders be allowed to bankrupt the country. £455bn Quantitative Easing is a massive bribe by the Government to protect their buddies who are fraudulent as all the banking fines witness. Fines equate to corruption. How can a bankrupt firm pay bonuses? This is unheard of in insolvency practice?

The FCA has no option but to withdraw Lloyds Banking Group banking licence and RBS licence. The Icelandic Government did with great effect on the banking industry in Iceland.

Quite honestly, The Chairmen past and present are abject failures and should be banned from having anything more to do with banking . They deny all wrong doing over a decade, only to be found out by an honest Judge, who understands banking and egregious fraud. He should be honoured.

His criticism hit the core problem, bankers are prepared to throw vast amounts of taxpayers money into Court, knowing full well that innocent victims cannot hope to match their dirty tricks departments.

The bank lawyers do not know or understand Banking Practice or Law and how these are inextricably linked to form the banker/customer relationship.

RBS and Lloyds Banking Group (owners of HBOS for 8 years with constant denials from the boardroom and whitewash reviews see Judge Beddoes ratio decidendi) are unfit to be bankers. There philandering CEO is not fit for purpose. Lloyds Bank is now a subsidiary of Blackrock a US firm. The government sold most of their shares to them . God help their customers in the future, how can US banks’ understand UK Banking Practice and Law. They never will.

The SMEs and public demand truth, integrity, honesty, fidelity, prudence, morality, ethical banking standards from their bankers, nothing less will suffice. They also demand the same from the FCA who are currently hamstrung by government which directs operations to keep their buddies in situ thus preventing Justice for the victims.

The alleged Intermeddling of government with the Courts to protect their future job opportunities upon leaving government by influencing outcomes is obscene.

Judge Beddoes condemnation of the Regulatory failings is a warning to RBS lawyers, the truth always is unequivacable.

The FCA has to be independent of government and FSMA 2000 needs to be redrafted to permit the FCA to operate without fear of government influence, to facilitate intrusive, robust regulatory oversight, and where necessary to enable the FCA to remove banking licences.

The perpetual fining of banks’ is not the price of doing business in London.  It is a tax on all bank customers and taxpayers. Totally unacceptable.

How can London ever expect to be the financial centre of the western world when no one can trust the boards’ to act and behave honestly? It is a given that KPMG, RBS, Cerebus will obfuscate, lie, and destroy victims integrity in pursuit of there own gains. It is a given that the board of Lloyds obfuscated, lied and whitewashed reports by their appointed investigators for over eight years. Judge Beddoes saw through their lies and has set the platform for further litigation for innocent victims. Both Chairmen and boards’ should resign immediately. The FCA should be permitted to step up to the mark without government interference. Let them do their job as Regulator!

Using taxpayers money to throw at prolonged court trials to defend the indefensible is obscene. The APPG recommendation for an independent Tribunal is the only ethical and moral response that government can invoke.

They have brought my revered profession into disrepute and the public are the only people that have the power to effect change by the government.


Professor Nigel JD Harper

This blogpost is for information purposes and should not be relied upon as legal advice because it does not consider or take into account your own personal circumstances. If in doubt, seek legal advice.