Bank Signature Forgery

The Bank Signature Forgery Campaign

"Project Heritage commends The Bank Signature Forgery Campaign

The Bank Signature Forgery Campaign is supported by Anthony Stansfeld, Police Commissioner for Thames Valley and Kevin Hollinrake MP Co-chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Fair Business Banking.

The Campaign invites every victim of Lloyds Bristol to go through their files and send a photo of every bank signature (including by a bank employee or bank law firm representative) to the Campaign. It can be difficult for victims to discover by themselves if signatures have been forged as they may have only received one or a few signatures in the name of the same bank person. However, if the victims send the photos of the bank signatures to the Campaign, we will then compare all the bank signatures signed in the name of the same bank person to see if there is any evidence of suspected forged signatures. We will then send the suspect signatures to a signature expert witness for review and will then let victims know if signatures on their documents appear to have been forged.

Victims can send the photos to the Campaign by post or email via the APPG Banking or by DM through the Campaigns Twitter and Facebook pages &

Julian Watts

Bank Signature Forgery Campaign

assisting Police & Crime Commissioner Anthony Stansfeld of Thames Valley Police in the investigation into Lloyds Bank Bristol"