Response to the ICO


Jeff Lampert’s response to the ICO


Dear Richard,

  1. Following the judgment of Lloyd Davies 1 March, I now request you release the information under section 59 (2) of the DPA gateway (d) and (e).

  2. The perjury litigation has progressed and indeed there is a potential additional perjury action against the FCA.

  3. The public interest in crimes by banks against SMEs has changed dramatically since my original request.

  4. Should you require evidence of the above, I will provide it.

  5. When making your decision, I will ask you to consider the public interest in maintaining confidentiality with the FCA.

  6. Should your decision be not to release this information, I will appeal to Lloyd-Davies under the heading "any other compelling reason" and also seek a judicial review of the ICO`s decision on "gateways".

Jeff Lampert

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