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This is Jeff`s quest to achieve recompense for SMEs for the misery heaped on them following Lloyds Bank`s alleged perjured affidavit of 26 September 1997.

Here is what happened so far:

Case reference: Jeff Lampert v the ICO (GIA/3422/2016)

Relevant documents in the case:

The First Tier Tribunal`s decision in this matter dated 20th of September 2016.

The Upper Tribunal`s decision in this matter dated 1st of March 2019.

Note to the ICO dated 14th of March 2019 at 12:37.

The ICO`s response dated 14th of March 2019 at 13:36.

Jeff Lampert`s response dated 19th of March.

Jeff Lampert`s further submission dated 20th of March.

Jeff Lampert`s submission to challenge the Upper Tribunal’s response

Relevant to your case?

The recent judgment of Bates v Post Office [2019] EWHC 606 (QB) from point 1113 onwards refers to “relational contracts”. We have asked Professor Nigel Harper to comment on the relevance of “relational contracts” to Banking Law and practice.

“What is a Contract without intent of a relationship? With that relationship, it is implied that both parties will act honestly, with integrity, morality, transparency, openness, loyalty, trust and truth.  Banking is NO different. As a Privileged Profession, anything less is unacceptable and facilitates Criminal behaviours.”

Prof Nigel Harper

Also, this is a link to the sentencing remarks in the HBOS Reading case:

Project Heritage

"Project Heritage"

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